Tuesday, March 1

Vintage-Style Easter Postcards to Print

Here is a set of three vintage-image "postcards" for decorating - but you could also actually mail them, too, if printed on cardstock.

Back in the 1960's and 1970's, pen-pals were common. One of my classmates had a pen-pal from Japan. Now, I guess that the Internet has rendered pen-and-paper correspondence with pen-pals quite obsolete. I do think the Internet has given a great boost out of loneliness for many who crave connection, with literally millions who might possible become a modern-day pen-pal. 

Blog visiting is certainly a type of connection reminiscent of friendship through correspondence. Like actual pen-pals, some are good about the give-and-take of communication, and some are very poor. 


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  • Prims By The Water

    Although I never had a pen pal, my daughter had one from Australia. It was nice having her read those letters learning about the countries holidays and history. Gone are the days of letter writing...and now my grandkids are not even gooing to learn handwriting. Love your newest cards. So sweet. janice

  • Deb

    Those are so pretty, thank you so much! I never had a pen pal when I was young but the act of exchanging 'snail mail' seems to be on the rise again. There are quite a few gals who have active 'mail art' exchanges either on their blogs or on social media. I just partook in one on Instagram for Valentine's and it was so lovely getting a card in the mail! Deb xo

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